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Hey. I just published a new book on Wattpad, Zoning Out. In honor of that, I will post the links to all of my Wattpad books, with descriptions. Please read them and vote for them. Enjoy!

Zoning Out

What if every time you zoned out you were staring at a portal? What if you discovered this? What if you let out a terrifying race, bent on claiming Earth as their own? Maria Flores is your average, everyday woman. She has a nice little family, and a nice little life. But all of that is about to change when she discover the secret of zoning out. And then all hell breaks loose. Because what’s on the other side isn’t so friendly. Now, the Grandors are trying to take over Earth, and all countries are teaming up to protect their planet. Maria knows that this is her fault, and that…

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‘The Crystal Guardians: Book 1’ Post 1

I can feel myself losing control, but I remind myself that I’m not allowed to hurt humans, so I simply clench my fists, set my jaw, and pretend that I’m slamming Kely’s face into my locker as I close it. I put the lock on and turn to get to class.

Only one more period, I tell myself. One more hour until you can get away.

Kely’s taunting laughter interrupts my thoughts. “What are you thinking about?” she sneers. “How you’re gonna kill yourself tonight?” Her five extra shadows laugh meanly, except for one of them, who looks sad and pissed.

“Hey stupid, next time you try to insult me, why don’t you make sure it doesn’t insult any of your shadows. Melanie’s little brother tried to commit suicide last week. I don’t think joking about the idea is the best way to keep her under your finger,” I tell Kely, who just rolls her eyes.

“Oh, so now you think that you can boss me around? That deserves a punishment, doesn’t it, girls?” Kely says to her bobbleheads. They all nod, except for Melanie. “I think you should give meeeeeee… that!” She points to the crystal strung around my neck with a simple black string,  and begins to reach for it.

With my right hand, I swat her hand away, while my left hand twitches toward the plasma gun hidden in my belt, but I force it away. “Don’t touch that!” I growl. “If you do, I swear, you’ll wish that you were never born.”

She stares at me for a second, then starts laughing stupidly, along with all of her copiers, excluding Melanie. “C’mon girls,” Kely says. “We don’t want LAME-ia to go psyco on us, do we?” She and her shadows walk away, laughing manically.

I sigh and reach for my backpack, fingering the crystal on my neck. If only she knew what it did.

The twilight crystal gives planet Earth light each day. I’m a guardian, along with my twin sister, Sankium (Sayn-kuhm), and our friend, Haikee (Hi-kee). My name is actually Lameia (Lay-mee-uh), and I don’t use a different name because the Reddikan counsel forbade it, and also it’s the name that I was born with, and I love it. Reddika is our home planet, where we grew up for the first 20 years of our lives. Then, we’re assigned a job on a planet, and if you excelled in school, you may get a different planet. The object that you get assigned to has to be guarded from the Cloysin, the evil race from planet Cloysia. The Cloysin want to steal every planet’s object, and then use them to take over the galaxy. Haikee, Sankium, and I got assigned th Earth with the most important job for the planet- to guard the twilight crystal. Four years ago, we got a surprise when Haikee’s little sister, Maylen, was assigned to the twilight crystal, too.

Since we have the most important job, when we have kids, they won’t be taken to grow up on Reddika. We get to raise them and teach them about the planet ourselves. The only problem with us being on Earth is that, on Reddika, it’s custom to have children at around 30 years old, which wouldn’t be a problem, except for the fact that we age differently than humans. On the inside, we age exactly the same, but on the outside, we age at about half the speed, and normally live to be about 200 years old. So, when we have our first child, we look about 15-ish on the outside, which is frowned upon by humans, who think that you should have your first child in your mid-twenties or later. That’s why, when I had my twin boys, Nikolai and Ronan, I stayed at home, and Sankium and Haikee had to tell everyone that I was going to school in Europe for a year.

As I sling my backpack over my shoulder and think about my sons, someone taps me on my shoulder, interrupting my thoughts. I turn to see Melanie standing there, looking sad still. Then she starts to speak. “Thanks. You know, for standing up for Ryder and me when Kely joked about it,” she says, looking like she’s about to cry. “I never wanted to hang out with her to begin with, but couldn’t stand her teasing. I just wanted to say that I think she’s a jerk for treating you like that. You don’t deserve it. Also, I think that it’s stupid how she makes fun of your name. I think that it’s pretty. We can’t help what our names our, anyway.”

‘Untouchable’ Post 1

Only when you think that you’ve lost everything do you realize how much you still have to lose. It’s a simple fact of life. I wish it weren’t true. But it is. I should know.

I wish that I never knew what I had to lose.

Once upon a time I had a nice mom, an awesome dad, and a cute little brother. I’m all that’s left. They killed my mom. Dad went to war and was blown up. They took Ronan away. They said that a fourteen year old girl can’t look after a two year old boy. They said. But I know why they took him. He was loved by everybody. They want to turn him into a pawn and use him to control everyone.

I won’t let that happen. Not my brother. He may be down, but he’s not out. Not on my watch.

Any-hoo, all of the trouble started when Arnold Bruntbed came into power. He turned our nice little country into a cold, hard dictatorship. He’s like Hitler. But worse. He isn’t racist. He’ll just kill you no matter who you are.

They told Dad that he had to go to war or else they would kill his family and make him watch. As an added incentive, they said that they would skin Ronan alive first, then drop Mom onto spikes. Next would be my turn. They told Dad that they would use me as target practice. You know, shoot me out of a canon and let their trainees shoot blades at me. And if they somehow missed, I would fall into the shark tank.

So, long story short, Dad accepted the war invite. And was killed. Not even in an actual battle, though. Oh no, he didn’t even make it to the real thing. They were practicing certain scenarios, and that day was something about grenades. Every grenade was fake except for the two that they threw at Dad. Everyone else got one fake chucked at them. Two real ones were hurled at Dad. He would’ve avoided them (his best friend told me, and I trust Ben 100%), but they were special grenades that locked on. Yep, you heard me. So there’s no way that it was an accident. Those are not coincidences. They murdered him. So I’ll murder them.

Mom began to (quite literally) go crazy, knowing that Dad was dead. She didn’t know what happened- I never told her, and told Ben not to. She would sob all day, and do the bare minimum to keep Ronan and me alive. Most of the time I had to force her to eat. She was slowly going, but she wasn’t gone, and I knew that she would stop. She just wasn’t the person to keep letting herself slip away. But she never got the chance to save herself. Two months and three days after Dad’s death, they came to the door. I answered. Ronan’s hand was in mine- I was too scared to leave him alone with Mom. They pushed past me, knocking me over. I almost fell on Ronan, and he fell over, too. The big, ugly one raised his gun and pointed it at Mom, who had a blank stare on her face. I forced myself to look away and make sure that Ronan’s eyes were covered.

But I still heard the shot.

After they murdered my mother in cold-blood, they turned and walked out. Just like that. But although I was pissed at them for killing my mom, I was terrified that after they killed her they were going to turn the gun on Ronan. Or me. And then one of us would be left alone. Or we would both be dead.

After they left, I thought that Ronan and I would be safe, since they didn’t do anything to us before they left. I was wrong. They came for Ronan a week later. This time I didn’t answer the door. I didn’t have to- they just kicked it down without knocking. When I heard it I screamed and grabbed Ronan. They ripped him out of my arms. I screamed, “NO!” They just said that a girl of fourteen is not fit to care for a boy of two.

I know better. They want to corrupt him so they can use him to shut us rebels down. We won’t stand up to a two year old. But I’ll stand up for him.

No matter what.